Chocolate Lovers 💋

The time of the year when you don’t need a reason to eat plenty of chocolate. Every brand is offering a variety of valentines candy. I’m not sure what my personal favorite is yet, but i have some different chocolates from my product shoot we can talk about later....

So not only does chocolate taste good it has some great benefits to your life. The higher the cocoa content, in most dark chocolates the more benefits you get. 

Chocolate is stated to benefit the body in many different ways. Some research shows lowers cholesterol levels, possibly benefiting fetal growth, and higher iron rates.

Exciting news !!!! Chocolate contains coca that increases blood flow for stimulation during sex.  Chocolate also increases the feel good chemicals serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

The bonus part of the whole situation is how it benefits your skin. It’s automatically a natural moisturizer for your skin. The fatty acids are nourishing to the skin to have you feeling soft. Helps to protect your skin from damage and soothes skin irritation. 

If you want to try the benefits of a chocolate body scrub this Valentine’s (or any other time really) check out our our Skincare Cocktails. Http://  The vanilla added the organic cocoa gives a great chocolate aroma. 

Chocolate Martini

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